Find five falls

The fells most beautiful signature melody during the summer is the sound of water in motion. Stunningly puddling in small streams and rivers – or more dramatically when the water masses thrive from 60 meters high cliffs. That melody awaits the ultimate goal of five of our most adventurous family changes.




One of the most cozy “waterfall walks” goes to Fallmoran, a shieling where the beautiful weather-beaten buildings still remain. Just below the shielings there are two small waterfalls. Spread out your blanket, take out your picnic and enjoy food and beautiful views. Should the weather not be the best, there is a spacious resting house with a fireplace to warm up.

There are two trails to idyllic Fallmoran. From Storhogna the walk is only four and a half km and well signposted from the hotel’s courtyard. The second, slightly longer and more demanding trail, begins at the trail center at Vemdalsskalet.
Length: 9 km. Start: Parking at Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa.



The cute Sångbäcksfallet is just off the main road up to Storhogna. Leave the car at the small parking on road 315 and the noise from the case is already heard when you turn off the engine. The walk to the fall is short and easy and goes through a different and actually a little mysterious forest.
Length: 1 km. Start: Parking opposite the road towards Sångbäcksvallens cabins.



Really dramatic and frothy is the sparkling scene that Fettjeåfallet serves its visitors. The fall height is over 60 meters and the fall is one of the most spectacular in Vemdalen mountains. Enjoy a different shower! The walk is extra pleasant as it goes along Fettjeån with several small rails and falls. From Hotell Klövsjöfjäll it is approximately 5 km to the parking lot, where the trail about 2 km to Fettjeåfallet starts. By the foot of the fall there is a windshield with a fireplace. We would highly recommend a visit to the top of the waterfall. The views from here are more than worth the effort to get up along the steep path.
Length: 4 km. Start: P-place 5 km from Klövsjö Ski area.



Långå is a small mountain village in Ljusnans valley, about 13 km west of Hede. About 10 km from the village lies the beautiful Mittåfallet, which is actually two different falls with a small lagoon between them. A dip in the water is clearly a must. Drive highway 84 through the village, turn right where the gravel road divides and drive about 8 km, look out for a sign. From here the walk is only about 80 meters.
Length: 80 m. Starting: Parking at the fall approx 55 km from the Vemdalsskalet.



The fifth and last fall is also in Långå, called Rändåfallet and is as easy to reach as the other four. Rändåfall consists of several larger and smaller waterfalls that together offer a shining beautiful spectacle. From the first to the last fall, the distance is about 1 km. In the area there is a nice resting place and when the car is parked it is only a short and easy walk to the first fall.
Length: 2 km. Start: Parking in Långå approx 45 km from the Vemdalsskalet.


Road descriptions to the falls and a number of nice hiking trails you will find our hiking map, printed in practical back-pocket format. It costs 40 kr and is available at most service stations and in our webshop.

Here you can read all about the right of public areas, so you know what you have to have in mind when you are out in the nature!

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