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Wildlife safari

Thrilling safaris often attracts many people. And no wonder, since you get to come close to bears, elks, beavers and many more animals.

Our destination offers a lot of things, one of them is a rich animal life. There are elks, beavers, eagles and bears living among us in the forest and on the fells. Even though they are many by number they can be hard to discover if you don´t know what signs to look for. Therefore we offer a lot of guided tours and wildlife safaris, join a professional guide and get closer to the animals!


A sight of a bear is of course the dream scenario when you head out for a wildlife safari. Sometimes the dream comes true, sometimes not. But the chances are good – since we are in one of the bear-densest areas in Sweden. It is given thought that we always find traces of the bear. It can be empty dwelling, scratch marks on trees, droppings and print from heavy paws.

Elk is the animal that is easiest to find and see. Never the less it is an great experience where you both can see and listen to the king of the forest. During the fall you can join a elk lure-tour. It is  quite an experience to hear these big animals lure on each other. There are also a lot of beavers and good chances to see them on a safari. The easiest way is to spot them and get close is to paddle, the river Veman is a popular place for beavers. They are most active during evenings, and you need some bad luck if you don´t see a single one. On every safari participants wishing list there is also the sky wolverine. This one is hard to see, but maybe you can find traces and if you are really lucky a sight of the wolverine.

Each safari with a guide takes everithing from 3-7 hours, and even if you don´t see any animals it is a great and powerful nature experience.


Join one of our experienced guide on a unforgettable experience and learn more about our wild animals. Guide suggestions below:

Vemdalen, Hede, Hedeviken & och Klövsjö

Äventyr & Konferens is a company that arrange guided tour for both bear, elk and beaver. Read more and book at aventyrokonferens.se, tel. 070-675 16 94


Nybo Gård arranges guided bear-scout tour with binoculars, other wild animals appear as well. Elk-lure is another popular outing. Read more and book at nybogard.se, tel. 070-690 82 12.

Vemdalen, Hedeviken

Fjällevent Vemdalen arranges guide scout tours for beaver, bear and the king of the forrest. Read more and book with Ida, 072-2158778 or Tommy, 073-0801208 or email fjelleventvemdalen@gmail.com

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