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Week schedule by Äventyr & Konferens

Discover the various activities of Vemdalen during your stay with Äventyr & Konferens company.



Ice fishing (Trout) 2 hours, Pick up 13,00 at ICA

A lovely day on some of our mountain lakes ample in salmon trout or some other good tasting fish.

Equipment, fishing permit, guide and coffee is included.

800 SEK/person, inkl. Fishing equipment, fishing card, guide, fire to warm you up, Coffee and sandwich and transfer.  Min 4 persons,  Min 6 year



Snowmobile 1,5 Hours Pick up 13,00 at ICA

We go for a lovely ride in the fantastic mountain world and feel the wing strokes of history visiting a chalet ground from the eighteenth century.

1200SEK/snowmobile including taxi 2 ways. Min 4 Snowmobiles.

We boil coffee or hot chocolate over a fire in a house up in the mountains and a sandwich.

Minimum driving license and no alcoholic. Insurance and helmets included.

Minimum 2 snowmobiles, Min 6 year

Kite boarding/skiing half day, Pick up at ICA

The first lesson lasts around 5 hours during which time you learn about the equipment, the layout and how to control your kite using the power of the wind racing across a frozen lake or the mountain tops on either tour snowboard or twin tips !

New and very funny activities for active people.

2500 SEK/ person  8-30 persons. Min 15 year or 40 kilo.



Dog sledge 2,5 km evening 17,00 at Track center

This is a fantastic way to experience the nature.

Almost silently travelling by a team of strong and swift dogs.

450 SEK / adult, 300 SEK/ children under 12 year. Min 3 people



Snowshoe walking evening 2 hours 7,30 at guest service.

The guide will take you up in the mountains of Vemdalenin a beautiful nature and maybe you see some tracks from some of the wild animals.

400 SEK/ person inklrenting snowshoes 2 hours. Min 4 persons. Min 6 year.



Horse sledge evening 45 min 18,00 at guest service.

With a fire in the forest and warm drink (non alcoholic).

Snuggle into the warm fur blanket in the sleigh and enjoy the silence and the jingle from the horse-bells.  A delightful tour that takes 45 minutes. In the evening the tour can be embellished with torches. 250 SEK/adult, 175 SEK/children, max 6 adults/sledge



Snowcat (Snowtrac) 10,00  at track center.

Snowcat two ways with hot chocolate or coffee and waffles up on a mountain house named the hunting lodge. It`s possible to ski down from the house or go back  with the Snowcat. One of the ladies tells the story about the house and the area around it. 250 SEK/ person.

Winterseason December 13th – April 30th.


Book your activities at

Äventyr& Konferens Vemdalen/Klövsjö


Website: www.aventyrokonferens.se/en

Kontaktperson/position: Jan-Ola Dillner

E-mailkontaktperson: info@aventyrokonferens.se


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