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Take the snowcat up on the fells where you otherwise may not have made it. Decide if you want to sit inside the snowcat and enjoy the sight out the windows, or if you want to stand on your skiis behind the snowcat and get pulled up. It’s suitable for all ages.



Jaktstugan is a little cabin that serves waffles with traditional Swedish cloudberry jam. The location for jaktstugan is 3 km away from Vemdalsskalet. The trip starts at the track centre at Vemdalsskalet. Your dog is welcome inside to keep you company while you enjoy your waffles. When your ready to get back to the track centre you can take the same way down or if you have alpine skiis  you can take a different way back to slope number 21 in the ski system. OBS! Only cash or swedish Swish is the payment means. 

For more information about the snowcat traffic call +46705687113.



Samevistet is a cabin where you just like Jaktstugan can buy waffles. The cabin is a a bit smaller then jaktstugan but has a beautiful surrounding. The trip starts by the parking lot infront of the entrance at Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa. Samevistet is about 4 km away from the parking lot. When your ready to get back to the parking lot you take the same way back. If you want to try cross country skiing this is a very good place to do that.

For other trips contact Christer, +46702496654.

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