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Destination Vemdalen reaches from Klövsjö via Storhogna and Vemdalen, all the way to Björnrike.Vemdalen.se/en is our joint information site where you visitors can find all the information that you need before, during and after you visit to Vemdalen.

Vemdalen is an “All year destination” that is most famous for being a strong ski resort with 35 lifts and 58 slopes. The area has very good snow conditions with early openings of the slopes, usually in the beginning of November. In Vemdalen you can find three different ski areas in a 40 km radius, all included in the same ski pass: Björnrike, Vemdalsskalet and Klövsjö/Storhogna. During our snow free period tourists come to Vemdalen to explore nature and activities such as hiking, fishing, golf and horse back riding.

Within the destination there are approximately 19 000 beds of good quality. Here you can find everything from easier accommodations such as camping sites and hostels, to hotels, apartments and luxurious cabins. There are many accommodations for bigger groups and families.



Östersund: 120 km

Stockholm: 480 km

Gothenburg: 650 km

Malmö: 900 km



There are three airports near Vemdalen: Östersund/Åre airport, Härjedalen Sveg airport and Hedlanda flygplats. From Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö you can take the train direct to Vemdalen. You can also go by bus between Stockholm and Vemdalen. You can read more about all options here.


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