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Do you need a taxi or other transfer from the airport, bus or train when traveling to Vemdalen?

Here you will find telephone numbers for taxi and information about the Snöpendeln that goes from Röjans train station.

Taxi Transfers

Beep Beep Transport

+46 (0)706-225 226


Mohlins Taxi Vemdalen

+46 (0) 684-105 00


Train transfer

For those who come with the night train, Snälltåget to Vemdalen, there is a shuttle bus to all of Vemdalen’s different destinations. Below you will find the stops for the transfer bus with the journey time from Röjan Station in parenthesis.

Klövsjö by (15 minutes)
Klövsjö Ski Area, Hotell Klövsjö (20 minutes)
Big road at Storhogna crossing, not by the lifts  (30 min)
Storhogna M (35 minutes)
Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa (40 minutes)
Vargen, Stockåvallen (50 minutes)
Vargens Wärdshus (55 minutes)
Vemdalsskalet, SkiStar Guest Service at Skalets Square (20 minutes)
Skalspasset, Restaurant Passet and SkiStarshop (25 minutes)
Vemdalen city, GT-gården (30 minutes)
Björnrike Center (40 minutes)
Björnrike, Björnvallen (55 minutes)
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