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The haunting lodge, Jaktstugan

The haunting lodge (jaktstugan) is where they serve waffles and is located at the northern Skalsfjället about 3 km from Vemdalsskalet. Here you can go with snowmobile or ski from the center of Vemdalsskalet.

It is also possible to walk in the ski slope and skating rides to the cottage. The track system then continues across the mountainous world towards Västra Härjedalen and the mountains of Jämtland. In the serving you can enjoy crispy waffles with jam and cream, soup, sausage with mashed potatoes, sandwiches and homemade coffee breads.

Snowcat rides

The tours starts Vemdalsskalet cross-country center. It is good to go with slalom equipment. Pisted downhill to Hildings slope takes you back to the lift system on Vemdalsskalet.

Season 2018-2019:

From around Feb 2 – until the end of the season every day from 10:00 to 15:00

Opening hours are subject to availability of snow.


Time schedule:
Every whole hour between 10.00-15.00
During high season they often drive four snow tracks and there are seldom long waiting times.


Adults 70 kr
Children 40 kr
Return 30 kr / 20 kr

Only Cash payment or Swish. Unfortunately they do not charge cards.
For more information on snow track traffic call +4670-5687113


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