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How to act if you meet a bear

About 2 900 bears lives in Sweden, scattered in two thirds of the country. The Scandinavian brown bear is naturally timid. With good ears and a great sense of smell the bear will avoid places where humans are. Only when it feels threatened it may confront humans.

To keep the bears away, talk or sing to yourself  when you´re out in the woods. To be extra safe, buy a bear bell at the Tourist information at Vemdalsskalet.

Eventually, some meetings with bears can occur. If it happens, it´s good to be prepared.

If you sit in your car

Stay in your car and enjoy the sight. Don´t go out to take a photo. If you see a bear cub, it may look cute and harmless but don´t go out. Mother bear will be just around the corner and she is very protective of her little ones.

If you´re out in the early summer

The bears are most active during this time. It´s also during this time you can see adult bears together. If you encounter bears, make yourself heard by talking in a normal level and gently go away.

If you´re out in the late summer

It´s not only humans who likes all the berries in early autumn. The bear prepare for its hibernation this time of year. Make yourself heard in normal level of speech.

If you´re out with your dog

Keep your dog in a leash. An untrained dog may run back to its owner if it encounter a bear. In worst case with the bear behind and the situation can be very dangerous for both you and the dog.

If a bear comes towards you

If a bear is provoked it will not leave, instead it will go towards you. For different reasons the bear wants you to leave. Maybe it is some bear cubs or a carcass nearby which the bear want to protect.

If the bear is provoked and goes to attack

Give it a last try to distract the bear, throw something in front of it. If this isnt helpful, lay down on the ground and hold still. Lay on your side or stomach, protect your head with your hands at the back of your neck. Try to be as small and passive as possible so the bear feels less threathened.

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