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Kolbulle is an old Nordic dish that was made in the simplest way possible, directly in the pan. It was common among foresters, lumberjacks, charcoal burners, railroad tracklayers, timber floaters and other manual laborers who lived under primitive conditions.

Kolbulle is a kind of thick pancake with diced, salted or smoked pork. They fried
diced pieces of salted pork in the pan and then added a batter of water and flour to it. The flour in the batter was usually barley flour and/or wheat flour. Depending on availability, you can replace some of the water with milk and/or eggs. Then let the kolbulle solidify and turn it so that it gets fried on both sides. Kolbulle is cooked in a pan, usually over an open fire.
Kolbulle came to the charcoal burners and woodcutters who lived out in a cottage in the woods. They lived primitive and it was hard to keep commodities like milk and eggs. There were usually only the simplest ingredients like lard, pork, flour and salt available, which are the main ingredients in a Kolbulle. For frying they used only lard because butter was expenssive, at that time almost unavailable and could not handle the high temperatues required to fry the kolbulle.

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