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Snowshoe hiking

Snowshoes is a wonderful way to get out in the terrain. It’s a calm and cozy trip that suits everyone from 10 years old and up. A trip involving only you and the white surroundings, and maybe you´ll see ptarmigans, reindeers and if you´re lucky maybe some other animals.


There’s two places in Vemdalen that is really nice to start from when you´re going for snowshoe hiking.


Over here there’s a lot to discover and even taste. On your trip you can walk by Samevistet to get some good tasting waffles, or why not visit Jaktstugan for a longer trip? You can rent both snowshoes and poles at the sport centre at Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa. And if you want a good idea of where to go we recommend you to buy a trail map that you can find in our web shop, or at Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa. Of course there’s more places for snowshoe hiking in Vemdalen than Storhogna. It’s all up to you, so go out and discover Vemdalen.



Take a guided hike thru Björnriket’s forest to the top named Nipan where you will have some ”Swedish fika”, but you also get some facts about wildlife and maybe get to see tracks from animals that live here. From Nipan you have an amazing view over Vemdalen and Björnriket, a perfect place to enjoy life. The trip takes about 2 hours. Read more and book the trip at

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