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Resting cabins and restaurants on the mountain to know in Vemdalen

Taking on the cross-country skiing trails and walking together with the family in a crisp winter landscape is a wonderful experience. Soaked by the beautiful surroundings and the fresh air, you may not always think about how far you go skiing. Then it may be good to know where the nearest resting cabin, waffle serving or top cabin is located.

To arrive at a warm waffle cafe on the mountain and step in for a much needed rest should be one of your goals on the skiing trip on a nice winter day. Warming your feet and getting something warm in your body before continuing or turning home will raise your mountain experience more than you think. Therefore, we have gathered some tips on places to know before you go on a trip.


If you take any of the tours that originate from the Vemdalsskalet tram center and up towards the Ripfjäll, is a visit to the hunting lodge (jaktstugan) always as nice. Here you always experience a cozy atmosphere with a warming fire and the smell of freshly baked waffles when you step into the cottage. The hunting lodge is just over 3 km from Vemdalsskalet and is a perfect getaway for the whole family. The trip back to the railway station offers many downhill runs to the children’s great delight. For those who take longer ski trips, it is easy to jump on the track and proceed to, for example, Oxsjön, Fallmoran or Storhogna.


This cozy little waffle serving is the easiest way to get started from the parking lot at Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa. Also here is the shortest trip around 3 km before you arrive for rest and warmth. Here you go back to the hotel again. If the weather is nice and you feel like a long trip, we can recommend the high mountain round. Even here you start from Storhogna, but when you get up to the mountain after a few hundred meters, you follow the sign on the right to the high mountain round. An amazing trip in the middle of Kalfjället that winds up and past Sami camp (Samevistet) for a much needed stop. This trip is a total of 10 km.

Restaurant Top

You will find the Restaurant Top if you go the same trip as the hunting lodge. When you reach the hunting lodge, follow the trail to the left and continue after the crossing towards the mountain edge, take the direction back towards the Vemdalsskalet about 1.5 km before reaching the top. Here you can get both rich, well-cooked food and starchy drinks. If you get to the Restaurant Top in the afternoon, it is possible to attend to events like After Ski with live bands.

Resting cabins without serving on the mountain

In Destination Vemdalen there are several small resting cabins that are open to our guests. In these cottages there is often a fireplace and a stove if you want to stay and light a fire and warm up. Keep in mind, always bring your garbage and keep it clean around you. Also, be sure to always bring some firewood when going on these trips, and keep a little bit of firewood left when you leave the cottage. A security for those who are surprised by bad weather. The cabins you will find along the various tours include Timmerkojan, Björnrikestugan, Stockåstugan, Bräckvallen and Oxsjövallen to name a few.


A good idea if you are going on a longer trip is to buy our tour maps. In these maps all rest cottages are mapped excellent as well as several nice trip ideas that passes by the cottages. The tour map you will find among other things in the webshop and at the tourist information on Skalets torg.
– Buy the tour map here! 


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