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Locals best tips

It’s easy to get blind and forget how lucky you are when living with skiing, mountain hiking, fishing and cycling just a stone’s throw away. But here you meet three locals who like to share their best summer tips.

Erika Dillner

Erika Dillner came to Klövsjö twelve years ago and met her great love. And just as great is her love for Klövsjö.

Erika runs Klövsjö stone oven bakery and have very long work days. But as soon as she gets the chance she runs away out in the nature. One of her favorite escape is to Fettjeåfallet.

– The hike along the small stream in the deep valley is so cosy. Many unique plants border the path and the mysterious forest have quite a “lord of the rings-feeling”. When you arrive to the fall you should sit down and have a picnic!


An other favorite of hers that she like to recommend is a boat outing at the lake in Klövsjö, with flowering water lilies and sun glitters in the water.

– Rent a boat and head to the fireplace at “Sundet”, a bathing spot in the middle of the lake. Its a good idea to bring your fishing equipment with you! To sit on the jetty with your fishing rod a calm and beautiful summer night is probably the most tranquil I know!

Pontus Widell

Vemdalen have been Pontus´s summer paradise for as long as he can remember. His mother is from Vemhån and he spent all of his summer holidays there.

Pontus runs a snowmobile rental in Björnrike and Vemdalen village, and he likes to find his very own ways through the wilderness. He thinks that more should try this:

-Bring a map and a compass and hike “off trail” in the terrain in around Björnrike. Exciting experiences will await you!

One of his favorite walks goes through Skorvdalen, a valley that surrands by steep rock walls and a small stream along side with it. If you walk all the way to the top you’ll get news that is definitely worth the effort!


An other walk that Pontus likes is the Adventure path in Björnrike:

-It is short and the whole family can have a cosy and fun day together during the hour it takes to walk.

Pontus also recommends berry picking during autumn, when the air is crispy and clear and the leaves grow in yellow and red.

– I think you should go up on the fells. There you can find large blueberries and you can often find cloudberries as well.

Mats Olsson

A ride up to Varggranstjärn for hiking and fishing is a favorite activity for Mats and his family. Another is canoeing along Veman.

Mats ran for many years a restaurant at Vemdalsskalet but have now changed course and is working with ski rental. His best tips for summer guests in Vemdalen is:

– Take a ride to Varggranstjärn, a woodland lake. It is easy accessible with car all the way. In the lake, that is 900 m.a.s.l, is the put-and-take-fishing really good! A hike up there can offer you great views!

-Me and my wife Malin often take our kids to Varggranstjärn and grill something nice for lunch. Sometimes we go up for a cosy evening in the sunset.


Another tips for Mats is canoeing along Veman, from the camping in Vemdalen to Vålkojan:

– It is a bit challenging in the beginning with a heavy flow, but it will calm down after a short while. You can often see beaver and elk during your ride and it is nice to take a lunch stop at one of the sand banks the river flows through. The best part is that it is wildlife for real, nothing is corrected or added.

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