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Canoeing, kayaking & boating

The River Veman is the blueish glittering artery that runs through the entire area, to Vemhån and onwards to Lake Svegsjön; it also provides for a long and wonderful leisurely canoeing adventure.

The adventure can start off in Vemdalen Village where you can hire canoes and all the other equipment you may need. You can also book a pickup service after concluding your tour – even when you opt for the multiday paddling all the way down to Sveg. One fine daytrip is from the campground down to Lake Håsjön in Vemhån.

The River Veman is a completely free and unregulated waterway and the character of the trip depends on the season. Early in the summer the current and the water volume are quite inflated, in particular near the campsite but later on the waterway becomes soother. With less water it may be necessary to lift the canoe and carry it past some particularly shallow and rocky sections.

If you prefer a shorter tour you can set off from Vålkojan, running through open landscape in a large serpentine. The small sandbanks invite picnics.

Should you want to explore more open water and find your own private beaches you can rent canoes in Klövsjö and also rowing boats for a pleasant tour in waterways and lakes.

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Äventyr & Konferens

Jan-Ola Dillner organises guided canoe and boat trips. You can paddle the scenic waterways in streams, rivers and lakes. The opportunities are many and varied, ranging from short tours of Lake Klövsjön to multiday tours with overnight stays. Boating in Lake Klövsjön can be combined with many activities around the lake.
Tel: +46 (0) 70-6751694


Rent the gear for scenic tours on water

Äventyr & Konferens

Jan-Ola Dillner of Äventyr & Konferens rents out canoes in Vemdalen, and in Klövsjö he has canoes, kayaks and boats. In Vemdalen where you paddle the scenic River Veman you can make tours lasting from half a day to five days. The fee payable for pick up depends on the distance, i.e. how far you want to paddle. There are canoes, kayaks and boats with or without motors for rent in Lake Klövsjön and there is normally no pick-up fee payable since you return to the same place. The canoe and kayak rental includes floating vests but not when renting a boat.
Tel: +46 (0) 70-6751694


Hede Camping

In Hede you can rent canoes at Hede Camping, set in beautiful location along the River Ljusnan.Tel: +46 (0) 70-4102052



In Hedeviken you can rent a boat at Sonfjällscampen. It is situated scenically near Lake Vågan and the River Ljusnan with fabulous views of Mount Sonfjället. Tel: +46 (0) 684-12130, +46 (0) 70-6292286


More information about boat rental is found in Fiskeguiden at each fishery conservation area. You can order Fiskeguiden from our web shop.

Here you can read all about the right of public areas, so you know what you have to have in mind when you are out in the nature!

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