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Five tips for hiking with kids

If you have the right strategy we believe you can hike with your kids for as long or short as you like. To make it a little more fun, we have listed some hiking tips that usually work to motivate small legs to reach the goal.

Find five falls

Length: 0.8 – 4 km. Time: from 1 to 4 hours.

Softly rippling or dramatic and frothy. Among our five water falls their is something that can fascinate children in all ages. To get to some of the falls you need to hike for some kilometers, but we promise that it will be worth the effort. You will get to the falls by nice trails with different doffuculties, everything from 80 meter to 4 km of hiking. Let the children be apart of  planning your route.


The adventure path in Björnrike

Length: 1 km. Time: ca. 1 hour.

An exciting and adventures walk along a crystal clear mountain stream with small falls, cliffs and moss-clad rocks. A warm day in the middle of the summer when the everything has blossomed you can imagine how you are on an adventure in a real rainforest.


The nature path in Vemdalen village

Length: 3 km Time: ca. 2 hours

This is an easy hiked path that suits the whole family. You start by the parking 700 meters outside the village on the road towards Björnrike. You walk through the cosy forest where you can pick blueberries, lingonberries and raspberries. Stop for a picknick at Kvarntorpet where there are some benches. Why not bring a fishing rod and try to catch some trout in the small stream that you pass by?


Björnrike – Windshield/resting house

Length: 3 km Time: ca. 2 hours

From the trail center at Björnrike you walk up towards the windshield and rest house. You follow an easy-hiked path through a beautiful valley between two fells that shields you from wind. This is a walk that even the smallest children can manage.


The family trail, Sonfjället

Length: 2,5 km Time: 1 – 2 hours

Sonfjället is beautiful enough to just look at from a distance. But there is a trail for the whole family even here. The trail goes through birch forest in the national park and on to Dalsvallen. On the way back you pass Nyvallen and walk through a lush green forest. Sonfjället is one of Swedens densest bear area, but that´s nothing to worry about. If you are lucky you can see one from a far distance, so bring your binoculars!

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