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Hiking in fells

Hiking in the mountains in Vemdalen is an activity equally suited to the families with young children as those in search of more adventurous trekking.

In our mountains you will find easy accessed trails, fine spots for a barbecue, spectacular views and adventures galore. Why not take the family along and search for the five waterfalls or aim for climbing one of the ten summits? Enjoy overnight camping in a tent or treat yourselves to delicious dinner; the choice is yours! Mountain hiking in Vemdalen means quality of life.

You can have your pick among the easy nature paths and marked trails to actively farmed shielings, roaming waterfalls, bubbling brooks and a range of resting places in scenic setting inviting a picnic. You can bring along a floral guide and learn the names of the plants and flowers that grow along the path. A pair of small lightweight binoculars may also come in handy. Before you go out hiking we recommend you to read this on how to stay safe in the fells. 


Hiking the unique national park

If you are aiming for higher ground Sonfjällets nationalpark may fit the bill; it’s one of the oldest in the country with a number of hiking trails of varying character and difficulty, all of them leading up to the summit of Mount Sonfjället, at 1 278 metres above sea level. It is hard to match the views from up there, over the mountains and valleys and the scenery you are overlooking is where our hiking trails are laid out, just waiting to be explored. Read more about Sonfjället here.


Hiking to our five waterfalls

Nature in Vemdalen has been kind enough to make sure that five of our best mountain hikes lead up to five singular waterfalls. One of them sees the water cascading off the rock to fall freely for 60 metres. Another one combines smaller and greater drops in a frothy and scenic spectacle. In addition to these, three more falls, each of them a great attraction during the family hikes.

All of you who love one-day adventures in the company of the family will enjoy our hiking trails. We have cleared the grounds and added duckboards wherever needed; at suitable places we have built shelters and campfires. There is no need to carry heavy rucksacks, but smaller day packs with room for rainwear – just in case- and perhaps an extra sweater. The most important is to make room for the delicious picnic ingredients, but you could well include a water bottle and a first aid kit. If you follow our tips and go hiking to our five falls you will notice that all five of them provide ideal spots for a picnic. You can enjoy the food to the sound of the best summer music – that of water in movement. Some of the falls may also invite an interesting dip on warm days… Read more here!


Challenging peaks

Are you the type who is triggered by challenges and aims for high objectives, even when on holiday? If so, we recommend you to take on our ten tough peaks. There is a special feeling in aiming for the top and the satisfaction when you have succeeded is fantastic. Once arrived at the top we recommend that you take a break to admire the splendid views – whichever of the peaks you have chosen to ascend. Even better is the sensation when you are back in the cabin to enjoy good food and drink in the company of your friends. You will find more about our peaks in the hiking map.


Hiking for all members of the family

As you may have already deduced, mountain hiking in Vemdalen entails experiences to be shared between all the family members, and children are keen on adventures from an early age. An eight-year old can manage to walk several more kilometres in a day than one usually thinks – while having fun most of the time. Lemming spotting is something the young ones never get tired of. In the late summer and autumn there are plenty of berries ripe for picking and the little ones are prone to add adventures along the way. You should not make them carry any of the packing but some mountain snacks should be near at hand for them, perhaps a mix of chocolate, nuts, raisins and other suitable goodies, in quantities likely to last all the way. Read here for more tips!


The best time of the year for hiking

The mountain hiking season stretches from June until October, roughly. The weather up to mid-August is usually warmer and dryer, but remember that the fells’ weather is prone to abrupt changes. From mid-August and into October the leaves change colour into the autumn costume, a time when the berries are ripe and ready to be picked. We can more or less guarantee that you can pick berries when visiting Vemdalen in the autumn. Imagine making your very own lingonberry preserve and if you are really lucky you may find the gold of the fells – cloudberries.

These and other fine hiking trails are described in our hiking map in a handy back-pocket format. It is for sale at a price of 40 SEK in most outlets locally and also in our web shop.


Here you can read all about the right of public areas, so you know what you have to have in mind when you are out in the nature!

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