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Horseback riding summer

Explore the magic mountain world in Vemdalen from the back of a horse this summer. You can book horseback rides lasting for half a day up to multiday rides, you can try Western style riding and tempt cowboy life à la Härjedalen. If you like horseback riding but have not tried doing it in the mountains there are great experiences waiting for you in the fells and wilderness of Vemdalen.

Mountain horseback life staying in ranch accommodation and herding cows is one the summer’s best adventures in Vemdalen. Imagine the campfire at sunset; ponder the views of mountains, over the forests and bogs from horseback. Think about staying overnight in the small cabins at one of the shielings, in the old days the summer farms of the mountain farmers. You are then considering a three-day trail hack with Trumvallens Fjällridning; riding with extra everything, including a pack horse. The group will stay overnight in a shieling equipped to luxury standard including sauna and outdoor bath tub. One of the days the group will be working, driving a herd of Herefords to new pasture.

Horseback rides in the mountains and wilderness means horsey adventures far from paddocks and riding schools; the sense of liberty is optimal. The sensations accumulated over a few days on horseback are unforgettable. You will be riding in the middle of the highland summer’s most impressive natural scenery; through magic and secretive ancient forests, along flowering valleys, across highland heaths and up on summits with miles and miles of views of the Härjedalen peaks. Mountain riding tours also mean the comfortable atmosphere around the campfire, the lunches and dinners at the shielings and forest cabins and perhaps more important than everything else, the total harmony in the interaction between the horse, rider and the environment.

Trumvallen has been organising mountain hacks since 1994. The north-Sweden horses are sturdy and obedient and saddled up before the ride and the Western atmosphere is always present and obvious. The ranch situated some kilometres from Vemdalen Village was designed with inspiration from the ranches in Colorado where Johan Persson, who runs Trumvallens Fjällridning together with his partner Hanna Högberg, worked previously.

Trumvallens Fjällridning packages the horseback adventures on several levels with varying content. The half-day ride goes to a fine shieling and then further uphill towards the treeline. The full day hack goes to the summit of Mt Oxsjövålen and onwards to Lake Oxsjön and lunch cooked on a campfire. Those who want to experience genuine trail riding should book two, three or four days for a number of first-rate rides in scenic mountain setting. These can be combined with Western cow herding life, for those who wish. Max eight participants per tour.

The peak of Western riding at Trumvallen takes place during the ranch weeks with genuine cow-herding life à la Härjedalen. Trumvallen has a herd of about 50 cattle, most of them Hereford. The herd grazes an area of about 10 000 hectares and needs monitoring and driving to new pasture at regular intervals. On days off from work the activities focus on hacks far into the wilderness and up on summits. The groups are staying in cabins at shielings with the horses in nearby pens. Anticipate the comfortable camp life and a beer or two with the dinner, of course cooked on the fire. It’s difficult to find more comfortable full board.

Trumvallen’s horses are north-Sweden horses or a lighter style than the working types and are well-trained both for the job of herding and the task of the ride up to the summit of Mt Oxsjövålen, at 1 023 metres above sea level. They are safe and stable and the rider is comfortably seated in a Western style saddle. Every ride is adapted to ensure that the entire group will have the optimal adventure.

Book your horseback ride today with Trumvallens Fjällridning tel. +46 (0) 70 – 663 49 05 or by email to More information on their website, click her!

Read more about Trumvallens Fjällridning here! 

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