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More summer fun

Are you getting tierd of hiking, biking and canoeing around the fells? Then we have some perfect tips for you who want to fill your days with some other summer adventures!

Four-wheeler track

At Klövsjö Fjällhotell and Hedlanda Airport you can experience an adventure on a fourwheeler. They have tracks and four-wheelers that are suitable for both adults and children, so you can go with both family, friends or colleges. A perfect activity if you want some more adrenaline during your time in Vemdalen! For timetable and prices, talk to Klövsjö Äventyr & Konferens.



On hot summer days it is always nice with some relaxed days by the water. In Vemdalen we have several of dreamy spots where you can take a nice swim. At Klövsjö lake you can find a bathing place that is suitable for the whole family, a good recommendation if you want some peace and quite. In Hede, Hedeviken and Långå there are some bigger bathing spots with diving towers and water slides. In Vemdalen village you can find a small lake near the camping site with a playground and café near by.

If you are of the more daring type, why not hike up on the fells and take a swim in the streams and waterfalls? Read more about a five falls here!


Second-hand shopping and markets

During the summer you can find small second-hand shops, car booth sales and markets almost everywhere. You can find everything from clothes and tools, to handicrafts and local delicacies. Take a day to drive around between the villages, buy Swedish and locally produced food, pastry’s and drinks, make some bargains and discover more areas in Vemdalen. For specific dates and tips on areas to visit, talk to our tourist information.


Wildlife safari

Book a day with a guide that will take you through the forest and the beautiful nature to spot bears, elks, beaver and many more animals. Usually you can spot some of the animals, and if you are really lucky you will meet all of them! Along the ride you will have tea, coffee and sandwiches in the quite and cosy forests. Book with Klövsjö Äventyr & Konferens.


Shielings and homestead museum

If you want to go back in time and see how the people in Vemdalen lived many, many years ago, you are in for a treat! Vemdalen have many trips and excursions where you can learn about our history and culture. On the fells you can find old shielings, small summer farm where the farmer took their animals and stayed the whole summer. A few of them are still in use.

In Hede, Vemdalen and Klövsjö you can visit the homestead museums. There you can look at the old houses, visit the inside and have a closer look at interior. Usually the staff is more then happy to tell you all about the houses and the history. Contact the tourist information if you have any questions.

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