Golf for the whole family

Marie Fermbäck is an often seen guest at Vemdalens golf courses. Since she has a summer house near Stockholm she also plays a lot there. This is how she describes the difference:

– In Stockholm every round is a project that needs planning and booking. Also, one round takes very like time because it is very often queues on the courses. Golf in Vemdalen is no big deal. You can play when ever you like, you don’t have to book a time and you never have to wait for your turn. Much easier and more fun!

The two courses that Marie talks about and ranks so high is of course Klövsjö-Vemdalen GK and Hede-Vemdalens GK, two of the best golf courses in northern Sweden. It is two courses that individually offer completely different conditions.


The beginners best friend

Hede-Vemdalen GK is an open and well-managed course with generously wide fairways and larges greens. The river Ljusnan runs past the course and in the background the majestic Sonfjället raises.  All 18 holes except one have tricky water obstacles and each drive demands a lot of tactical thinking.

The good news for the beginner and those who not yet have the right length on there strokes is that Hede-Vemdalen GK have four forward teeing grounds. If you take the one in the very front the course is 1800 meters shorter. In other words, Here-Vemdalen is a golf course for the whole family!

An other great policy for beginners is that those without a green card are welcome if they do the round in company with one who already have a green card. Here-Vemdalen is also know for how early the course is playable, usually in the middle of may.


Wild and beautiful views

A few kilometers east is Klövsjö-Vemdalens GK, with a completely different character. The beautiful 18-hole course is full of surprises and challenges with narrow fairways and sudden level differences. Some of the greens are actually built in three different levels.

Just as in Here-Vemdalen, beginners is just as welcome as everybody else. The 18-hole course is complemented with a short nine-hole course. There it is “Pay & Play” and the course is a dream for the youngest and new-comers to the wonderful world of golf. A better start on the way to the green card is hard to find. KLövsjö-Vemdalen also serves amazing view over the fells and wilderness. From the drive at the fourth hole and the walk to your ball is the views over the landscape with fells  and the village Klövsjö extra spectacular!

The courses complement each other in a great way. The relaxed and welcoming attitude, the simplicity and the absolute absence of queues gives a golf-weekend here much more time for want you want – golf.


Joint pro

The clubs have the same pro which means a close co-operation when it comes to green card-courses. Maximum flexibility is the key. The guests can decide on their own which course they want to play on. And after the first contact a customized and individual disposition is made. The main philosophy is alway “more play, less theory”.

Bring the family and try Vemdalens golf experience this summer!

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