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Indoor activities

Here in the mountains we (obviously) claim there is no such thing as bad weather, but the fact is that at times we may choose to do things indoors. If you feel like resting your legs from skiing and other outdoor activities for a day or two there is much to do here. No one risks being bored when visiting Vemdalen.

Even if we prefer to be outside and do different outdoor activities; it may sometimes feel better to stay inside if the cold and wind feel less than enjoyable. When in Vemdalen you can have fun in the swimming pool, enjoy spa treatments, play bowling, work out in the gym, go shopping or visit the cinema on a day of less strenuous activities.



There are various interesting shops in the area worth exploring for several hours on days of strong winds or low temperatures. The scope of shops varies from sports and recreation to interior décor, local delicatessen, leather and skin products, and handicraft. This is an excellent place to find gifts for your nearest and dearest. You can find shops in Vemdalen village, Vemdalsskalet, Klövsjö, Hede and Åsarna. Opening hours may differ from winter to summer.


Spa, massage & swimming

Swimming is fun for everyone, adults as well as the children. Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa has a swimming pool and jacuzzi in scenic setting in the delightful winter garden; a brilliant choice for all the family members. Furthermore, the fine spa-section tempts with energizing treatments, hot sauna, refreshing pool and jacuzzi. You can visit their web site for more information about opening hours and booking.

At Vemdalsskalet, in the middle of the Skalet square is a naprapathy surgery where you can book a treatment; after a few days of skiing you may need help to soften the muscles in your legs, back and neck in order to cope with the rest of your holiday. Open all year round.



At GT-gården, in the middle of Vemdalen Village is a cosy 1950s style cinema, albeit boasting the latest technology. It uses state-of-the-art digital technology and is thus able to screen the most recent films. One bonus is the interlude – whatever the length of the film – a popular time for mingling, and the consumption of popcorn and coffee in the foyer. Only winter time.



There are two bowling facilities in the area, both complemented with restaurants and bars so you can combine bowling with a good dinner, before or after. Besides bowling you can also engage in dart, table tennis and billiards. One facility is located in Vemdalen village and the other one in Storhogna. Opening hours may differ from winter to summer.


Swedish “Fika”

The obvious pastime on a day when conditions outside prohibit outdoor activities is a long visit to a café; comfortably seated in the warm café with a cup of hot cocoa or another warm drink studying the blizzard through the window. At Destination Vemdalen there are several cafés serving freshly baked goodies made in the local bakeries. Each of the ski areas Björnrike, Vemdalsskalet, Storhogna and Klövsjö has several good places for a fika. Read more here!



Jump at the opportunity to exercise! Gym24s club in Vemdalsskalet and in Björnrike offer the use of state-of-the-art equipment for the visitors. Gym24 also has cardio and strength training machines for the restless character. Storhogna M at Storhogna has also a fresh gym with modern training tools offering versatile exercising for everyone with excellent mountain views through the panorama windows.


Haircut, styling & make up

A treatment at the hair salon Annikas Klipperia takes you far away from your everyday stress and we are certain that you will feel well taken care of. Here you will get a great experience, everything  from a traditional men’s haircut to a creative and trendy haircut or color. They always keep up to date and participates in course to get inspiration and new thinking. They have a salon both in Vemdalen village and Vemdalskalet. Book your treatment at Annikas Klippera by phone: +46 684 305 82.


Winter season: Après-ski & Nightlife

Vemdalen presents a wide selection of restaurants, on-slope eateries and hotels offering events and après-ski throughout the winter season. Select the type of après-ski that suits you best: a quiet drink in the winter garden to relax after a day on the slopes or a loud and hot beer session with a band playing live on stage. Most weekends at Vemdalsskalets Högfjällshotell there is a nightclub with live bands, DJs and several bars.

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