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One more way of exploring the snowscapes, a virtually quiet sensation in the forests with the snow-clad mountains in the background is by dog sledding; an extraordinary experience equally enjoyed by all the members of the family. We can actually promise you memories to last a lifetime.

Sometimes you want to get away from the pace in the lift-serviced part of the ski area, far away from queues, groomed pistes and loud après-ski bands; to lean back in a sled, wrapped in soft reindeer skins with a pack of howling Alaskan Huskies in front, eagerly awaiting the signal to set off. As the musher gives the okay signal and the pack sets off the sensation is one of almost indescribable freedom and excitement.

In Vemdalen a couple of operators run dog sledding tours in the area. You can choose between a brief 20-minute tour near the slopes or a two-hour drive including coffee made on the campfire or perhaps the four-hour lunch excursion where you can study the piste skiers at a distance making them look the size of ants. There are chances of spotting reindeer, moose or ptarmigan in the backcountry for the keen eyed.


Book your dogsledding here:

Äventyr & Konferens Jan-Ola Dillner book on, call +46 (0) 706751694 or visit their office at Vemdalsskalets Högfjällshotell.

The Howling Dog Farm, call  +46 (0) 703157192 or email

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