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Cross-country skiing and ski touring

Wherever you are staying in Vemdalen, you will be quite close to the nearest track centre. Here you can enjoy varied skiing, in the forest or high up among the peaks.

The machine groomed tracks measure a total of 70 kilometres and are prepared both for freestyle and classic technique. Your skiing season can start here, already in mid-November and continue all the way to the end of April. The cross-country ski guide – provides more information about the tracks; you can buy it in many places locally and in our web shop.


Below is a summary of all the tracks for cross-country skiing in Vemdalen:

Björnrike – groomed cross-country ski tracks:

2 km, 3 km, 5 km, and 7.5 km. Here is also a 6 km long groomed connecting track to Vemdalsskalet.

Vemdalsskalet – groomed cross-country ski tracks:

2.5 km floodlit, 5 km, and 10 km.

Here is also two 6 km long groomed connecting tracks, one to Björnrike and one leading to Storhogna.

Storhogna – groomed cross-country ski tracks:

3 km, 5.5 km, 8 km. Periodically during the season a groomed 10 km loop is prepared, running past the Sami camp Samevistet where you can stop for a cup of hot cocoa. Storhogna is also a Vasalopp Centre which ascertains really good tracks and coaches should you wish to boost your technique and form.

Klövsjö – groomed cross-country ski tracks:

2.5 km, 5 km, and 8 km at the top of Katrina. Here is also a floodlit 5 km cross-country track in the valley adjacent to Hotell Klövsjöfjäll.

Vemdalen Village – groomed cross-country ski tracks:

1.3 km, 2 km, 2.6 km, and 5.6 km; all of them floodlit.

Vargenspåret at Vargen:

7.5 km but may be shortened to about 2.6 km. Easy track, no hills. Machine groomed when necessary, at least twice every week, privately owned; for both classic and freestyle technique.

The current condition of the tracks is found here


Cross-country ski lessons & Vasaloppet camp

In Vemdalen you can book sessions with qualified instructors for cross-country skiing lessons as well as training camp in preparation for the long-distance race Vasaloppet. It is never too late to learn new skills and even if you feel quite capable at cross-country skiing you may benefit from a bit of fine-tuning your technique. With the right technique skiing becomes both easier and more fun. In Vemdalen we enjoy long-standing traditions of cross-country skiing and our experienced instructors are available and able to coach you towards an even better skiing season.


Cross-country ski lessons

The lessons are available for booking at the same place as the alpine ski school lessons. There are skilled instructors at all the ski areas at the destination. Here are ski schools for adults as well as children.

Book cross-country ski school lessons with Skistar

Book ski schools lessons at Storhogna


We wish you a great cross-country ski tour!

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