Winters Bucket list

Many may recognize the feeling of coming home from a vacation and wondering why you didn’t experience more adventures, planned more or planned better. To make sure that that doesn’t happen to you when you visit Vemdalen we have created a bucket list with all the amazing things you shouldn’t miss!


SMOOTH SKIING Take a run in slope number 16 “Riket” without any stops. Read more!

VEMDALEN FUN RIDE A new, fun and adventurous slope for the whole family. Read more!

CROSS COUNTRY SKIING A day on cross country skies from Vemdalsskalet to Storhogna. Read more!

SNOWCAT TO JAKTSTUGAN A visit to Jaktstugan for a waffle should be made at least once a year.Read more!

VALLES FOREST TRACK Try Valles own track in the forest without falling. Read more!

SNOWMOBILE SAFARI Have a day out on the fells with our amazing guides, and prepare to have an extraordinary day. Read more!

A TASTE OF VEMDALEN Try all of our amazing food, beverages and pastries that we have in the area. Read more!

HORSEBACK RIDING Climb a peak from the back of a horse and enjoy the wilderness. Read more!

SAMEVISTETSki, use snow shoes or a snowcat to Samevistet “the Sapmi cottage”. Read more! 

ENJOY LIFE Don’t forget to enjoy life and your time in Vemdalen. Read more!


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