Direct train to Stockholm and Malmö to Östersund and Röjan.


Night trains

Direct trains from Malmö and Stockholm have departures on Saturdays from January 5th – April 20th 2018. In week 6 and 7 the train from Malmö will travel via Halmstad, Gothenburg and Skövde. The train back to Stockholm or Malmö leaves on Sundays. The timetable is adapted for guests staying a full week, with accommodation changes on Sundays. Book here!

Day trains

Almost every day from December 21thh 2018 to April 28th 2019 there are trains departing from Gothenburg and Stockholm, with a change of trains in Mora or Östersund, to Röjan station. From Röjan station there is a transfer bus that will take you to your accommodation, the drive is 15-40 minutes long depending on where you are going. When booking, state your destination Röjan. Book here!

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