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A taste of Vemdalen

Vemdalen is a true mecca for taste experiences. Here you can find high-class restaurants and many passionate food artisans.


Whether you want to discover an amazing meal at a restaurant or if you want to prepare and cook together with the artisans, you have a lot to choose from!


White Guide-restaurants

Every year the White Guide ranks Sweden’s best restaurants and we are proud to say that several of these you can find in Vemdalen.

      • Hilding Krog
      • torgEtt
      • Klövsjö stenugnsbageri
      • Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa


Local meat production

Nybo Gård is highly recommended to all meat lovers. Nybo gård is a farm that raises Highland cattle’s, a type of cow who gives very nice meat. You can buy their meat products at their farm, but you can also taste it at many different restaurants in the area.



In this destination you can find three bakery´s. One in Vemdalen village, Vemdalens bageri, and one in Klövsjö, Klövsjö stenugnsbageri. The third is Linger Café and is located just by the slopes at Vemdalsskalet.


Nature´s own pantry

DO you want to make your own Scandinavian dinner? Or are you just so fond of berries that you want to bring some home? Lucky for you then, cause all you have to do is get out in the forest and pick it yourself! A great activity that gives you exercise, food and a great experience in the fells and forests! All you have to know a bout berry- and mushroom picking you’ll find here.


Welcome to have a taste of Vemdalen!  



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