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When riding a snowmobile you can get into vast backcountry and wilderness you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. In Vemdalen there are various organisers of guided snowmobile safaris and tours taking you to scenic traditional shielings and other attractions to spice up your mountain experience. There are several operators in the area hiring out snowmobiles and the gear including maps that you need to set off on your own.

When you opt for a guided snowmobile tour you are aiming for spectacular winter scenery with the help of a knowledgeable guide leading you through the snow-covered forests and across summits. If you are lucky you may even spot moose, reindeer and ptarmigan on the way. Most tours make time for breaks, perhaps cooking a meal on the campfire, or in a Sami tipi or just for a cup of coffee seated on a reindeer skin in the snow.

Who can drive a snowmobile in Sweden?
In order to hire a snowmobile and set off on your own you have to belong in one of the following three categories:

  1. Residents of an EES country (EU + Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) with a license to drive a snowmobile in their country of residence are also allowed to do so in Sweden. It is the duty of such a person to prove that right.
  2. A driver from another country than Sweden holding a Swedish snowmobile driving license is allowed to drive in Sweden.
  3. A driver from another country than Sweden holding a car or tractor driving license is allowed to take part in a group arranged by tour organisers, limited to a maximum of ten drivers, all holders of car or tractor driving licenses. The group must be led by a person holding a snowmobile driving license and the route must be pre-determined.

Snowmobile driving is not subject to the Right of Public Access and there is no clear right to drive on private land. The right is generally restricted to certain areas on adequately snow-covered ground on the provision that the driver does not cause disturbance, damage or in any other way is in breach of the law. It is not permitted to cross private land if damage occurs and the drive on cultivated land or in cultivated forests unless it is obvious that such passage can be made without causing damage to forest or ground.


Some of the snowmobile rentals offering guided tours and safaris in Vemdalen:

Äventyr & Konferens – Vargen, Vemdalsskalet.
Tel +46 (0) 70 – 675 16 94

Vemdalen Experience – Vemdalen Village.
Tel +46 (0) 684-140 40

Vargens Värdshus – Vargen, Vemdalsskalet.

Tel +46 (0) 684-31100

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