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More winter fun

When your feet ache, the legs are worn out and you have had enough of skiing for a while you may set off on other winter adventures. Vemdalen offers quite a few other outdoor activities in and around the destination.


Ice Climbing

Fettjåfallet is a magical waterfall, 60 metres tall that has the best ice from January to March. A short 3 km walk through beautiful forests takes you to the frozen falls. No previous experience is necessary; the guide will show you what to do. Ice-climbing is suitable for adventurous individuals, and you can book a half day or full-day trip.

Bookings: Äventyr & konferens Tel: +46 (0) 70-675 16 94


Snow-shoe hiking

Walking with the help of snow-shoes is an ideal alternative for those hoping for a walk in the mountains in winter; an alternative for those unaccustomed to cross-country skiing. The sensation with snow-shoes on is perhaps best described as walking on water – a miracle indeed! You walk on in deep snow without sinking and the waddling rhythm will entice even the most discerning adventurer to find genuine peace of mind. read more about snowshoe hiking here!

Explore the beautiful snowscapes on a pair of snow-shoes, Book with: Vemdalen Experience Tel +46 (0) 684-140 40 or Äventyr & konferens Tel: +46 (0) 70-675 16 94



Take a snowcat up on the fells to places where you otherwise may not have made it. You can choose to sit inside the snowcat or sled behind on skis, so it is suitable for all ages. The snowcat takes you to two different resting place that both serves coffee, hot chocolate and waffles. The ride goes from Vemdalsskalet to Jaktstugan, or from Storhogna to Samevistet. Read more about Snowcats here!

Jaktstugan: +46 (0) 70-568 71 13

Samevistet: +46 (0) 682-41 30 30



Winter fishing is great fun and a wonderful experience. In Vemdalen and the surroundings are easily accessed lakes and tarns, frozen over and scenically embedded in the forests, fells and wilderness. Many fishing waters can even be reached by car; the rest of them by snowmobile. Several of the tarns have fine shelters with campfire facilities for a barbecue.

Book a guided ice-fishing tour including lunch cooked outdoors, starting from Klövsjö with Äventyr & Konferens, Tel +46 (0) 70-675 16 94 or with Vemdalen Experience, Tel +46 (0) 684-140 40 setting off from Björnrike or Vemdalen Village. You can also rent equipment from Äventyr & Konferens should you prefer to set off on your own adventure.


Horseback riding

Horse-drawn sleigh rides

Lay back on the reindeer skins, cover yourselves with blankets and luxuriate in the horse-drawn sleigh and the silence as you make your way on the snow in the beautiful winter landscape.

In the winter you can book horse-drawn sleigh rides with Trumvallens Fjällridning taking you to a scenic shieling in the glittering snowscapes but also horseback rides in beautiful snowscapes, an extraordinary experience, just as suitable for the experienced as for novices. Read more about Trumvallen here! Trumvallen book on +46 (0) 70-544 00 66


Winter horseback rides

More experienced riders can also book hacks with two local operators. Trumvallens Fjällridning offers horse-based adventures all year round. They use north-Sweden horses of the lighter type, a fantastic breed for ’trail riding’; robust and calm while you sit comfortably in a Western style saddle. Äventyr & konferens also offers adaptable horseback adventures on Icelandic or north-Sweden horses. Trumvallen book on +46 (0) 70-544 00 66.

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